Industrial Floor Cleaning

Industrial Floor Cleaning

Maintaining a clean floor at your workplace is important, not only for appearances but also for employee health and safety.

Dirty floors, dangerous floors

If an industrial floor isn’t cleaned regularly the build-up of both industrial and biological dirt can prove dangerous. Not only is it unhygenic, but it also presents a slip hazard. If an employee slips and hurts themselves they could be signed off work for weeks and you may be liable for damages.

Industrial floor cleaning experts

Industrial floors can present a host  of challenges when it comes to cleaning. Most industrial floors are slip, fire, and impact resistant, and as such require special treatment to ensure they are cleaned properly.

Training your staff to clean the floor themselves is  a costly exercise and doesn’t guarantee results. Investing in the correct equipment for the job is even more expensive.

Our specialist team of industrial floor cleaner will arrive with the latest soft washing equipment and are trained to ensure a sparkling finish no matter what type of floor is installed.

Industrial floor soft washing cleaning

Pressure washing your industrial floor can be disruptive to your business and result in lost income during the cleaning process.

Soft washing is great in this instance, because it keeps the level of disruption caused to your business to a minimum. It’s a more precise method of cleaning and as such is both quicker and more direct.

The effect of soft wash cleaning on an industrial floor is also longer lasting than the simple pressure washing – up to three times as long in fact.

Cost effective cleaning

Soft washing provides a more cost effective approach to industrial floor cleaning. Not only does it provide a longer lasting finish, but the equipment itself is cheaper to operate, meaning we can past those cost savings directly on to you.

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