Fascia Cleaning

Fascia Cleaning

The various materials used in a property’s fascia can present challenges when it comes to fascia cleaning. Our experienced team of soft wash cleaners ensure all those challenges are met, resulting in a property looking like new.

Type of Fascia

Fascias come in a wide range of materials. The most common types of fascia are either aluminium, wood, or uPVC. Matching the cleaning process to the type of fascia is an important process and one in which our skilled team of soft wash cleaners are well experienced in.

We have a range of soft wash detergent blends, all suited to different types of fascias to provide a fascia clean that far exceeds traditional cleaning methods. This is something an inexperienced contractor simply won’t offer.

Fascia cleaning with pressure washers

While pressure washers can be effective at certain types of cleaning, when it comes to fascia cleaning they can do more harm than good.

Pressure washers use a large amount of water – a somewhat blunt instrument approach to fascia cleaning.

Fascia cleaning is also potentially harmful to a wide variety of renders. For example, cleaning wooden fascias with a pressure washing can result in damage that can be costly to repair and in some cases can necessitate full replacement if not done correctly

Fascia types covered

  • uPVC fascia
  • Wood fascia
  • Aluminium fascia
  • Composite fascia
  • Vinyl fascia

Soft wash fascia cleaning

Our technique of soft washing offers many more benefits compared to the pressure washing alternative. Firstly – it’s a lot more eco-friendly. We use a range of cleaning products which have little impact on the compared to their alternatives, and soft washing also uses much less water than pressure washing.

There’s also the lasting clean provided by soft washing. It treats the cause of the dirt and grime on your fascia, rather than just wash it away. This can result in a clean finish which can last up to three times longer than that provided by a pressure washer.

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