Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning



Industrial, retail, and commercial flooring calls for an efficient, effective cleaning solution. Softwashing is a step up from conventional pressure washing, and Softwashing UK are industrial floor cleaners with great experience.


The noise and disruption, not to mention the risk of damage to equipment and furnishings, makes high pressure washing an unsuitable solution for many workplaces. Softwashing keeps disruption to a minimum, and the effects of our detergent blends will last for up to three times longer than pressure washing. We’ll work on your timetable to access the building for cleaning at a time of minimum interruption.


Industrial floors have a number of distinguishing factors. The traffic flow over the floor surface can be extremely heavy, and the floors are therefore robust enough to stand the coming and going of forklift trucks, other heavy vehicles and various machinery. Cleaning floors that are chemical, slip, fire, and impact resistant also requires dedicated expertise and specialist equipment. The purchase of this equipment is a significant capital cost, while training and keeping on staff with sufficient expertise to use the equipment sensibly is also an expense. At Softwashing UK, we have the latest proven technologies imported from Germany and the USA, all designed to clean and maintain industrial flooring beyond required standards. The costs associated with running this equipment are significantly lower than running high pressure cleaning units, so the entry points for acquiring our services at Softwashing UK are significantly lower. The Softwash detergent blends will be selected to work safely and actively in your workplace, so the brilliance of the finish will be immediately apparent, and results long lasting.


Floors in the retail and commercial environment always need to look their best, even at the busiest times of year, when the weather is at its worst. At Softwashing UK our aim is to maintain your highest standards and access your outlet at the most convenient times for you, so we’ll work around the clock to preserve your productivity. High pressure washing is simply unsuitable for the retail environment, due to the high risks of damage to perishable stock. Softwashing UK work with equipment imported from Europe and the Americas which is proven to deliver exceptional results in a short time frame, at low costs.


Softwashing UK have also worked extensively in the food and hospitality industries. We’ve dedicated expertise in cleaning marquees, canopies, mobile, and outdoor hospitality environments.

Saving you time and money:

Using our high pressure, professional equipment, we can complete this job in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do the job yourself with a store-bought domestic jet-washer. We can complete the majority of domestic driveways within a day, although a follow up visit is usually required to brush in the kiln dried sand. The simple but effective design of our rotary cleaner ensures that the mess is not spread to the surrounding areas and literally keeps a lid on the debris.

The Benefits:

  • Can enhance the aesthetics of your property and improve its salability, potentially increasing its value
  • Can prevent accidents such as slips or falls
  • Cheaper alternative to having a new build

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